Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Inbetweeners


The title must have garnered some interest in the content, or so I would like to believe. 
Those who know me well enough personally would ask if it's the name of my next story or poem. And I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's not. 
This is a small reflection on our generation, my generation. And before someone from my almost non existent follower base rambles on in the comment section, let me warn you before hand that these are my personal thoughts and findings... You have an issue with those... You can mail me. My ID is open for all to see I believe. 
Now, to the topic. 
Our generation. So many creative minds, so many skilled members that make up the whole of society. 
Yet we are disgruntled with our own lack of wealth. All that matters to us is wealth. Well some of them just have to increase what their ancestors left them... I wouldn't call them lucky. It's a tedious job. 
And yes... It's a great time to be alive. I will not let that slip out of my hands. Crime is getting low, people are dying less and more like that. 
And on a whole I feel that our generation is obsessed with lust. And forgetting what is love.
It's pretty crazy actually. Maybe it's my issues talking, but I don't know where my  generation is headed. 
Life is hectic man. Life is crazy, stupid and pretty much unpredictable. But what makes it fun is all the little things. 
But I feel that life loses all meaning when all we do is work, work, more work and maybe drinking it up and sleeping around. 
Sure, glorified stereotypes in movies makes all of us want to do it too, heck I try still to this day. 
But what makes me loath myself is how much my generation has gone off track about love. 
Now it's all about who will put out and not about who will stay forever. 
And please I am not generalizing. 
A good friend of mine, who will remain unnamed for the duration of this post and many more once told me, " If you truly love the woman, you will not even feel to touch her inappropriately." 
Now this is a rough translation but given my skills with words ( I'm better than the average Joe), it's pretty spot on. 
And before you call my friend a wuss, I must tell you that I am a fan of his words and the yesteryear method of falling in love. 
Meeting at random spots, waiting to catch a glimpse of her at a spot she visits regularly, going to the temple/church on a regular basis just to see her. The occasional smile, the tantalizing glances, the letters that sometimes reaches its mark and more often than not, does not reach. The thrill of seeing her after a long time... I could ramble on. Those days it was more about getting her as your life partner than anything else. 
Today's life just moves along too quick man. 
It's all meet, chat chat and chat and probably making out and then to the bedroom for a test run? 
God Knows where that could end.
I have known friendships being destroyed  just because one of them couldn't keep their tongue in their own mouth. 
As I said, lust is ruling supreme. 
And sometimes, the older ways are better. And we should probably go back to that too... Or we risk losing what we Indians call culture. 
So I call my generation the InBetweeners, not because of anything else but of the generation being the brink of a large innovation that will probably change everything in our community and our lives.

So I end my long post here, hoping for the best in future and also to finding the woman of my dreams... Knowing the current status of life, someone's probably  sweet talking to her. 
Hey, but what's the fun in life without a creep who won't leave you alone? 

P.S: That was a joke, please don't stalk me. 

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Out of Control


It's been a long time... has it not.
It's actually been a long time that I have written something really.
I can feel the mundane taking over me, my thoughts, my processes, altering me, making me into the living shape of what the mould of a common man would look like.
I've lost my spark that let's me write. I cannot comprehend simple topics that I could write on before. I cannot grasp myself from the clutter in my brain.
It forces me to become one I am not... maybe that's for good?
But I fear for myself. What if I am not supposed to let it get to me?
What if I am supposed to rise above it?
My heart says to do what I want... my mind, rational as always, asks me to be obedient. The perfect son, the person who is honored by men.
I want to do many things... many many things.
I want to run my own business. Run a small company, let it grow.
But I cannot rein in what my mind feels.
Sometimes all I want is to take the car and drive away.
I have resisted the temptation too many times... it's torture.
I want to be free. I want to be alive.
I am now living the life of a man stuck in time. Tortured to death by his own wishes, unable to save himself from the wishes of those around him. I let my dreams shatter for those around me. Because they matter to me of course. I couldn't care less what the strangers say or do.
But it's everything that I want to do that stops me.
I want to forget everything... everything. I know that my path till now has been nothing but a walk on pillows. My end destination the same as many, my beginning too. Then why do I fear what lies in between, because all that could happen is that I reach the end earlier.
I am a lost and confused man in the tide of sea, rocked by the way the waves blow, travelling to where the wind takes me.
To capture the reins of my boat I yearn
Yet it bites me, spits at me, hisses and then scratches me.
Even if I bear all the pain and hold on, I still don't think I will reach where I want to be.
Second best at everything I do, losing to myself in a battle of wits. Unable to control myself, let alone destroy the demons in me. 

- Sachin 

P.S: This is an old post... I thought I could use the motivation :) 

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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Friendship Dilemma


The easiest thing ever, in anyones life is to throw poeple away. You just gradually phase them out, don't return their calls, stop reading their messages, but eventually you find yourself in the day when you need their skills or contacts.
And that is when you find that you made the mistake of letting them walk away.

It's never easy phasing out a loved one. It is easy though, to phase out someone you don't really like. But then, how would you feel, if someone did that to you?
I've been on the receiving end of it and really, it didn't make me feel any special.  And that's when I realised that they were in fact doing a favour to me. Because at the end of the day, I may be short of a 'friend' ,but them staying in my life wouldn't have done me any good, filled with hate and anger at me as they were. For what, I still have to find out, but I couldn't bother less.
And yes, of course there are close friends that you just drifted apart from, nothing that can be done about that though. It's life. It's very nature is of change.
Them, I really miss. And yes ofcourse, we do still talk, at random times.
Makes me realise how fast time has gone.

So everyone reading this, if you remember an old friend of yours, remember that maybe, just maybe that you could be still in your friends mind. So go ahead, try to find them. Try talking to them.
If they ignore you, just laugh at their own forgetfulness.  Pity them, because they don't look at the past.

Till another time,


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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Bookworm: An Endangered Species

Yes. You read it right. This post is for fellow bookworms who love books. Be it any genre, a common string binds us all. And that is a book. 
Being a bookworm, is a very difficult thing. You may find yourself tantalised by other things, but a book beats everything, any given day.It really is something that makes you a lot creative. And it teaches you a lot about a ton of things, about you and about the world in general.
A book in hand and something to eat or drink makes my evening, well, awesome. But people judge us too soon though. Bookworms can be seen as lazy as well. It's not that. We just like reading, in a place.We've been called stuff and well we just don't care.
 All that aside,here are a few reasons why you should join the club:

1. Fellow Worms
You can always see a person with a book in his/her hand, at any time, at any place. You could go say hello to them, because, well, you just found a fellow bookworm, who just happens to read the book you were looking forward to reading or has read already. Yaaay! Time for a discussion.

2. Bragging Rights
You can always brag about how fast a reader you are. And this one's from experience. People are always amazed that I finish reading quickly than them. I just can't help it though. It becomes a habit after some time.

3. Fashionable
Books are never going to go out of fashion. Nor are their readers. Carry a book with you and wear a pair of glasses. You've got the bookworm look going for you already. 


4. Tech-Savvy

Most Bookworms still relish the feeling of holding a real, actual paperback and reading, even though they still enjoy e-books and the sort. Just keep a painkiller by your side though. Gives you one hell of a headache.

5. Movie Adaptations

The movie adaptations give you a chance to see your characters the way you visualised them, in your mind. Just that, most of the time, it's not what you expected. And you find that the scene you were looking forward to,has been deleted. Bummer.

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Top 5 Things all NRI's miss

I was born and brought up in U.A.E. And unlike what most people believe, the country does not have gold trees in it. And yeah, we do not have trees that grow cash on them. 
But all jokes aside, there are a few things I realised are something all NRI's miss about their home country. And here are they:

1. The Food
Home food. That term itself brings to mind all the delicacies I find on my table at my home in India. Of course I love fish fried and grilled... that's a guilty pleasure I enjoy though.  

2. The House
There is really something about staying in your own home. For a person who has lived in a rented apartment for their entire life, that is heaven.

3. The Rain
That sweet feeling of rain falling on you; the smell of rain; that gentle breeze, which may screw up your plans but nothing can come as close to that feeling of exhilaration.

4. The Greenery
I don't know about those people from the cities, but the place my parents are from, it's surrounded by green. You see the greenery everywhere. I had a friend comment that he was going mad with all the greenery around him.

5. The Relatives
Yeah. This one's a tough one. Most of the time, you meet all wacky people. But it gives you great exposure to people, that comes handy in the future.( Read: Workplace)
But yeah, you're probably better off without them. 

All in all, at the end of the day, home is where the heart lies and where you would like to spend most of your time. 


Sachin Nath 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Subtle changes


I've changed. Subtle changes have made me into someone entirely different from who I was. I'm now inherently more suspicious of people.
And I'm getting bored of everything.  Seriously I'm saying. Life is becoming boring. Nothing has that old spark it had. Maybe its just me growing up, losing the innocence I had in me. Maybe it's because the inner child in me died out. My decisions have gone on from being stupid to phenomenally stupid.  Afterall, I have grown up now. I should take some responsibility. 
And that was the worst thought I had.
Not that it isn't working for me. It is. Just not in my favour.

I just hope that as time progresses, I can finally find the inner child, the one playing hide and seek with me, the one who is like a sun hidden behind clouds.
Maybe I should stop living in the past. And life in the present, with no hope from anyone and the future.


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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Day in Life


Today is the day that I had been looking forward for a long time. The day that my exams are finally over. But it was a huge disappointment, at the beginning.
And great after that.
I'm going to skip all the boring parts of my mundane life and just share a gem of a thought I heard today. 'Don't think what is right, Know what is right. '
Now you may think that there is not much difference between the two, but there is. A vast difference exist.
And of course, most will be disagree. That, I have seen in general is the most prominent human trait. And thinking too much of themselves.  Even me.
And my friend whom I talked with for a long time. I owe a lot to you brother. You have made a change in the way I think.

But I have also heard some distressing new today. 
The father of a very close friend of mine, is hospitalised. He is in critical state and I hope that he makes a fast recovery.

Hoping that by tomorrow everything is back to normal,


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Also pray for my friends father. It would mean a lot to me.